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The Archives hold thousands of posters, photos and other film-related paper in the Permanent Collection, Lagniappe and General Inventory.

Welcome to the Archives!
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Devotees of posters and supporters of MPA form the Friends of the Archives, They may receive gifts from the Lagniappe and special consideration for events.

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Our Lagniappe Lists currently are overflowing with different items! MPA offers these items to dealers and collectors to help raise funds for preservation.

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What is Movie Paper?

Movie Paper, or Film Accessories, are the documents issued with a film upon its release. These usually include items such as Movie Posters, Press/Campaign books, Press, Stills, Heralds/Trade Ads, Trailers, or any other promotional material issued along with the release of a film.

What's So Urgent?

The threat to movie paper cannot be understated. Collectors, archivists, and hobbyists understand that time and the elements take their toll, and a great many film accessories are thrown out by people who are unaware of their value and significance. A film paper repository is absolutely necessary.

Cinevent 50

My 1st Cinevent is starting off with a bang after a great night’s sleep. Fascinating sights, seriously knowledgeable experts, and

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