Movie Poster Archives is a 501c3 corporation dedicated to the preservation of film paper and accessories. We thank our wonderful donors and supporters for their support.

As we process and document incoming film accessories, the repository and initial programs utilize some of the material. Other items are sorted for collections for specific areas to present to interested organizations.

But, we are left with a fairly large amount due to duplication, non-studio material and condition. We call these items Lagniappe, meaning “something extra or additional.”

Our Lagniappe Lists currently have over 5,000 different items!!

MPA offers these Lagniappe items to dealers and collectors to help find them a suitable home and allow us to raise needed funds for sorting, documenting, scanning, preservation supplies and housing.

Lagniappe Lists

A new list of excess movie material divided into the following categories is released every 4-6 weeks:

1. Stills (production & distribution)

2. Lobbies

3. Posters (all sizes and countries)

4. Pressbooks/ kits

5. Miscellaneous

6. Celebrity photos

These lists cover thousands of different production, studio, distributor, promotional or miscellaneous items with brief descriptions and conditions. Some items we have only a single piece while others, we may have well over 100 of that particular piece.

You pick what you like from the different lists. Each list states size, description and condition. All items are on a first come basis as-is.

Choose one list or all of them.


Since we do not assess value, pricing is done by age. This price list is for all Lagniappe Lists except the Sets List (coming soon as a separate list). 











That’s right – it doesn’t matter if it is a one sheet, 3 sheet, pressbook, still, insert or oddity. From blockbuster to obscure, pricing is consistent.

Volume Discount
– We reward volume. It doesn’t matter what it is, the discount is figured on how many pieces – Help us find a good home for some of our excess material.

Under 20 pc.   – NO DISCOUNT

21-50 pc.            -20% OFF THE ORDER TOTAL

51-100 pc.         -40% OFF THE ORDER TOTAL

101+ pc.             -60% OFF THE ORDER TOTAL

250+   -80%  OFF THE ORDER TOTAL

As an example: If you pick out 250+ pieces, your cost of 1990s material is only $1.60 each and 1930s material is $2.19 each.

Coming soon – Sets List with a wide variety of sets i.e. lobby card sets, still sets, photobustas, etc.; and a TV Show List featuring stills and promo items from old TV shows.   

If you would like to be on our Lagniappe Mailing List OR to receive a sample of any or all of our Lagniappe Lists, email us at:

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