You Deserve Respect. Your Posters, Too!

You Deserve Respect. Your Posters, Too!

13 Jul 2017 – Need a new home for your movie posters? How about a tax deduction to go with that? The Institute for Cinema Ephemera preserves and protects movie posters and artifacts. Donations are tax deductible whether they are cash or collectibles. A Free Donor Guide is available at

Dealers, collectors, hobbyists, and estates from around the world have donated to the Institute. Motives are personal and varied.

When the basement can’t hold another piece of paper, concerned collectors know beloved posters will be respected and preserved in the Institute’s archives.

Dealers donate stale inventory, clear out space for new buys, and get a tax deduction, too.

Dealers and hobbyists enjoy a deduction that can offset taxes on profits from the sale of all or part of a collection—or even estate taxes.

Heirs need a simple solution to dealing with Uncle Harry’s collection that complies with U.S. tax law and helps to reduce inheritance taxes.

Less than a year old, the Institute has accepted more than 200,000 individual items. They range from one-sheets to press books and fan mags in English, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

To get your Free Donor Guide to review and discuss with your tax adviser or attorney, go to and click on FREE DONOR GUIDE. You can also call (225) 283-4498 and leave your name and address with a request for the Free Donor Guide.

What’s in your basement or warehouse?

24JUL 2017

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